About Us

We are the first Drone Airline for passengers and cargo with presence international and in a single buzz. We are part of GCE®Enterprises, with more than 21 years of experience in the market, we are a group of companies and specialized brands in outsourcing in Integral Business Management with global presence.

GCE Aero
is an airline designed in the use of new technologies and its exploitation, benefiting all people in an urban way dominating the sky, becoming a futuristic air transport base.


By 2025 GCE Aero Drone will be the pioneer airline in passenger and cargo transport in autonomous drone-type vehicles in North, Central and South America.

We seek to be an airline focused on the use of new technologies and their use, providing a unique experience to travel in a different and safe way, becoming a futuristic air transport base.


Provide a unique experience through cargo transportation and passengers through unmanned aircraft better known as drones, with the aim of promoting the financial development with a favorable alternative with the environment, through the concepts of innovation, security and futuristic technology.

Offer a competitive solution for senior executives and different sectors such as health area, government, security, hotel and mining, shortening distances and significantly reducing the duration of the journeys that directly impact the productivity of the companies.

The Drone Industry

Drones have gone from operations military to perform a wide range of civil applications. As the use of drones, humans will interact with such systems more often, so Therefore, it is important to achieve an interaction between humans and drones.

Although can derive some knowledge of the field of human-robot interaction, then the drones can fly in 3D space, which It essentially changes the way that humans can interact with them, making human-drone interaction a own field.


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