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    Passenger Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) - EHang

    Superior to the traditional manned aircraft, the technology design concept of EHang AAV follows three philosophies: full redundancy to ensure security, autonomous pilot and centralized control of the intelligent command-and-control center.



    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Logistics cargo delivery drone UAV

    UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have multiple uses for delivering a variety of cargo, including business goods, spare parts, and medical supplies such as vaccines, first aid kits.


    The airline market has experienced many cycles and different processes of deregulation in the decades of 1970 and 1980, at the same time, experienced a gradual increase in air traffic. Deregulation the air market changed; less strict rules on airfares and routes, privatization of airlines and new airlines entered the market, especially the so-called low-cost airlines.
    With all these changes and developments in the market air travel, it is often assumed that deregulation had a great influence on the number of passengers. Without. However, the market did not experience an increase instantaneous number of air passengers, but rather a continuation of the gradual increase that was already happening. Therefore, there are probably other factors involved that influenced the market aerial.

    Furthermore, the airline industry is a very technical-advanced market where new innovations and developments improved, notably the market.
    This resulted best high team technology that reduced costs and ultimately They improved the market. Also, In the past, air traffic has shown a tendency to be very elastic in terms of prices.
    This became very clear after the great Asian crisis in 1998, where in several countries air traffic decreased more than 20% in 1 year.
    (World Bank) Also in the recent financial crisis of 2008-2009, many countries around the world saw a decline significant in the number of passengers. This suggests that the income/GDP per person has a effect on air traffic.



    The word drone (unmanned aircraft or boat, which can navigate autonomously) comes from the English drone, whose original meaning was drone
    (queen bee male) and was later applied to unmanned aircraft, for its buzz. The English word comes from a Germanic treno (drone)
    associated with an onomatopoeic root *dher-3, present in Gothic drunjus (noise) and Greek θρῆνος (threnos), whence we have treno (song

    The oldest record of the English term drone, with the meaning of drone, like the male of bees, dates back to around 1000 AD.
    In a figurative sense, as a lazy person (remember that drones do not work or make honey), lazy or maintained, it is documented
    since 1529.

    In the early 16th century, the term is applied again to insects, such as drone-bee; drone-like (similar to a drone)
    and drone-beetle (dron beetle), since drone also means monotonous and continuous sound, applied to beetles that buzz when flying.
    As someone who speaks in a monotone, he is recorded as early as 1777.
    And as an unmanned aircraft, with many civil and military potentialities, it was documented for the first time in November 1946, in a publication
    in English called Popular Science, founded in 1872 (Online Etymology Dictionary).

    Online Etymology Dictionary. drone (n). Retrieved May 29, 2016.
    Oxford English Dictionary. 1984. USA.

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    GCE Travel is a global alternative travel agency, from a deglobalized world.
    Is member of GCE Global. Is a private travel outsourcing for PRIVATE clients, with security and biosecurity.

    * VIP Flights (Business, Permitted, Legal and Essential)
    * Plane, Airplane, Jet, Helicopter, Drone and 3D
    * Corporate, national and international focus

    Post and pre Biosecurity protocols COVID-19 verification.



    Faster Reduction of travel time. Healthy Benefits for the medical, pharmaceutical and safety area. Future Conveyance futuristic. Productivity Increase of productivity by time decrease. Ecological Pollution reduction and environmental pollution ambient. Security Low accident rate. Less traffic Accesibility Universal access to any point.



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